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The process to handle the orders out for delivery is managed by the SAP Sales and Distribution module of the SAP and this executes the processes for selling, shipping, and billing of the products. The main functionalities of SAP Sales and Distribution are sales orders, sales returns, consignment, inquires and quotes, rush orders, cash sales, back orders, subsequent deliveries, credit and debit requests, contracts, and the last is scheduling agreements. Thus SAP Sales and distribution basically handles each and every activity of sales and distribution. The sub-components of Sales and distribution are master data, sales, shipping, sales support, credit management, foreign tables, transportation, and sales information system. Master data is to track all the transactions of the data. Thus the master data includes material master data, customer data, output records, credit management, and everything related to sales and distribution. Tracking the sales transactions, pre and post-sale process, tracking sales data with the performance, and management of sales documents effectively are the various advantages of SAP SD.

Thus with all this advantages sales and distribution is the key of all the companies and thus each and every company today is dependent on SAP SD. CTC training provides the best SAP SD training for the people interested in sales and distribution. Any degree, any stream but interested in sales? Then the best way to start your career as per your interest is to join CTC training, the best SAP SD training institute in Chennai. SAP SD course in Chennai is for people who are interested in sales and distribution.

The pre-requisite is that the person interested in learning SAP SD should have the basic knowledge or understand the terminologies used in Sales and distribution. If the pre-requisite is not met, then we have a separate week of class to make you understand the sales and distribution. We have answer for all your problems and all we need is your interest to learn and start a career path in your life. CTC training has the best trainers from the industry to support our students learning process and each and every trainer you point to in CTC training has a minimum of 10 years of experience in the industry. Learning SAP SD on your own is a very difficult process and we may not be sure if we can crack the interview if we learn by ourselves. But this can be made easy with this SAP SD Course in Chennai.

CTC training doesn’t stop the training with just making you professional knowledge wise but also the real professional with the placement assurance course. Struggle for the right opportunities will end as we bring you the opportunities to make your career a success. A demo class with us can give you more clarity about our training and thus schedule a demo class with us today.

SAP SD Training Syllabus in Chennai


  • Introduction to SAP
  • Enterprise Structure

Master Data

  • Customer Master
  • Material Master
  • Customer Material Info

Sales Documents

  • Overview of Sales Document
  • Sales Order Document Configuration
  • Sales Document Determination

Item Categories

  • Overview of Item Categories
  • Item Category Configuration
  • Item Category Determination

Schedule Line Categories

  • Overview of Schedule Line Category
  • Schedule Line Category Configuration
  • Schedule Line Category Determination

Copy Control

  • Overview
  • Copy Control for Sales Documents

Special Sales Document Processes (Quotation, Rush Order, Credit memo, Debit memo, Consignment Process, Invoice Correction Request) Contract and Schedule line Agreements and Other Special Process

  • Quantity Contracts
  • Value Contracts Process
  • Contracts Configuration
  • Service and Maintenance Contract Process
  • Incompletion Procedure and Status Profile Configurations

Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements

  • Individual and Collective Requirements
  • Transfer of Requirement Configuration


  • Delivery Order Configuration
  • Delivery Item Categories Configuration
  • Shipping Point Determination
  • Picking
  • Storage Location Determination
  • Packing
  • Route Determination
  • Post Goods Issue in Delivery

Prices and Taxes

  • Condition Technique
  • Condition Tables
  • Access Sequences
  • Condition Types
  • Pricing Procedure
  • Determination of Pricing Determination
  • Condition Exclusions


  • Defining Tax Determination Rules
  • Defining Regional Codes
  • Configuration Of Material Taxes & Customer Taxes
  • Output Configuration
  • Text Determination
  • Material Determination
  • Credit Management
  • Maintaining Credit Control Area
  • Automatic Credit Control Configuration

Partner Determination


  • Overview of Billing Process
  • Billing Document Configuration
  • Billing Document Types
  • Collective Billing
  • Invoice Lists
  • Billing Plan
  • FI/SD Integration
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