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SAP PP Training

Production planning is the process of arranging the demand in line with the manufacturing capacity for creating the production and procurement schedules to finish the product as well as component is SAP Production planning and this is integrated with most of the other SAP modules. SAP PP also tracks and makes the record for manufacturing the process flow and the movement of the good as well as conversion of the raw materials to the goods. PP-Sales and operations planning, PP-Master planning, PP-Capacity requirement planning, PP-Material requirements planning, PP-Production orders, PP- Repetitive manufacturing, PP-Production planning for process industries are the most important sub- modules of Production planning in SAP. The important PP tables are PLAF, AFFL, PLKO,STPO, STKO, CRHD and there are many more PP tables. Thus SAP PP (Production Planning) is here to handle all the processes which are related to the production of a company. Thus everything related to the production can be organized and monitored using SAP Production Planning. In any industry we point today, needs a lot of planning for the production to happen and the planning, tracking, goods movement and lot more can be easily handled today with this SAP Production Planning and there is a huge requirement for people with SAP production planning knowledge. CTC training aims in providing the best SAP PP training in Chennai to make sure that the demand in the industry is met and the students fighting in the small zone of technology is diverted to a different and more interested technology. CTC is the number one SAP PP training institute in Chennai who has trained more than 200 people and have made them successful in their career as well.

CTC training has features like limited batch size, placement assurance, practical sessions, mock interviews, guest lectures, and industrial visits and lot more like this to make the learning process interesting and interactive. We also make sure that our students has the best trainers to train them on the technology and thus we have hired trainer from the industry with experience more than 10 years to make the learning and the experience our students gain will make them strong outstanding performer in the industry. We aim in transforming our students form the college environment to a professional and make them understand the real industry requirements. We also have more practical session as we feel understanding of the technology is more important than the hearing about the technology.

CTC training also has placement assurance course to help our students find the right career path according to their dream. We have a team of people working in the background to get the opportunities to the doorsteps of our students. Want to fly high with colors without any struggle then CTC training, the best SAP PP training in Chennai is here to help you. Schedule a demo class with us to know more about our training.

SAP PP Training Syllabus in Chennai

Plan to Produce Business Process Overview

Production Planning Master Data

  • Material master configuration and use in production planning
  • Bill of material (BOM) configuration and use in production planning
  • Routings (task lists) configuration and use in production planning
  • Work center configuration and use in production planning

Master Planning

  • Planned independent requirements

Material Requirement Planning

  • Master Production Scheduling procedure
  • Material requirement planning run configuration
  • Material requirement planning evaluation tools

Production Orders

  • Scheduling of production orders
  • Production order components
  • Production Resources & Tools (PRT’s)

Discrete Manufacturing

  • Planned order structure
  • Production order types
  • Material staging and withdraw
  • Production confirmation
  • Goods movements
  • Order settlement

Repetitive Manufacturing

  • Master Data
  • Planning
  • Backflushing

Integration points of Production Planning with other modules

  • Material Management
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Quality Management

Reporting & Tools

  • Production planning reporting
  • Material requirement planning reporting
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