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SAP PM Training

A function Module in SAP that has the capability to handle the maintenance of equipment, qualify for an efficient panning in the production, production schedule generation, process control interfaces, and lastly SCADA systems. Thus SAP PM is a software solution for all your maintenance activities taking place in your company. It is an easy, cost-efficient way of maintenance with a power to manage the work order along with the risk based maintenance. There are four sub models in SAP Pm namely PM-PRm (Preventive Maintenance), PM-WOC (Maintenance Order Management), PM-WCm (Work Clearance Management), PM-PRO (Plant Maintenance Project). Thus the activities that are comprised in SAP PM are inspection as a measure taken to evaluate the actual condition of the system, preventive maintenance aims in maintaining the system in the ideal condition, and lastly repair to restore the system’s ideal condition. Thus the whole intention SAP PM is to maintain the equipment’s in the proper condition. SAP PM training is important for every company as this is to ensure that the equipment are maintained properly. CTC provides SAP PM training for people who are into plant maintenance and are interested in choosing plant maintenance as their career path. CTC training is the best SAP PM training institute in Chennai and we have the proved to be the best as we have trained almost 150 members successfully in the past year. We are all busy running behind the job, family, children and we end with the gap in the technical knowledge even though we have the career. This gap in the knowledge make other win the race and we are left behind. Thus CTC provides the SAP PM course in Chennai to fill all the knowledge gap you feel is stopping you behind.

CTC has the best trainer working in the plant maintenance for the past 10 years and make them give you the knowledge they have gained during this tenure as a SAP PM training. We have a flexible timing batch as there people working for a company can feel it difficult to take in the time we mention and thus we make it flexible for the candidates to select their timing. We aim in making our training sessions very live and thus provide a practical oriented training to learn everything with a try. The pre-requisite for learning this course is the basic understanding about plant maintenance.

Run and win the race in your company with this best SAP PM training course in Chennai and we provide all the flexibility for our students to understand SAP PM with the SAP PM training in Chennai. Join CTC training, the best SAP PM training institute in Chennai and schedule a demo class with us for more information.

SAP Plant Maintenance Training Syllabus in Chennai

Classifying Plant Maintenance from a Business perspective

  • Definitions
  • Traditional forms of Organization in Plant Maintenance
  • Planning in Plant Maintenance
  • Plant Maintenance Methods
  • Benchmarking in Plant Maintenance based on key performance
  • Modern Plant Maintenance management

Getting Started with Release 4.6

  • The PM menu with easy access
  • The business workplace
  • Support Line Feedback as in interface to SAP
  • PM Documentation in the SAP Library

Objects in R/3 PM

  • Managing Technical Objects
  • Using other Logistics master data in PM
  • Measuring points and counters
  • PM Work Centers
  • Maintenance Task lists and maintenance plans
  • Maintenance Orders

Breakdown Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance

  • Tasks of the PM Technician
  • Tasks of the PM Planner
  • Tasks of the Controller

Planned Maintenance

  • Tasks of the PM Technician
  • Tasks of the PM Planner
  • Tasks of the Controller

Integrative Aspects

  • General
  • Integration of MM
  • Integration Production Planning
  • Integration of Quality Management
  • Integration of Project Systems
  • Integration of Investment Management
  • Integration of Controlling
  • Integration of Asset Accounting
  • Integration of Human Resources

Interfaces to Non-SAP Systems

  • Interface to process control systems and building control systems
  • Interfaces to CAD systems
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