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SAP HANA Training

An in-memory relational database management system which is column oriented is SAP HANA. This was designed and developed by SAP SE and HANA stands for high performance analytic appliance. SAP HANA is an in-memory platform which will run analytic applications, data infrastructures, business processes faster and the foundation for all the data needs, maintaining legacy system can be removed, and simple. Reducing the complexity of the platform or the cloud, integrating all the data types, accelerates database processing, are more intelligence deliver are the various applications of SAP HANA. Also this is a combination of hardware and software for processing massive real time data, combines row and column based database technologies and this is actually suited for real-time analytics and for real-time applications. HANA is a database that stores the data in the memory (RAM) and thus there will no time wastage while loading the data. Thus SAP HANA is an in-memory column oriented database management system. Researching on the best SAP HANA training institute in Chennai and feeling difficult to select the institute in which you want to pursue this course. You are already in right place if you are reading this because CTC training provides best SAP HANA course in Chennai and we have made more than 200 successful candidates working in the top MNC companies through the SAP HANA training in Chennai. Do you want to be the next successful candidate because of our training?

CTC training has a very flexible batch timing, limited batch size, and more practical sessions which makes it unique from other institutes and thus the people preferring this institute is more when compared to other institutions. CTC training also has the best trainers from the industry to make you learn this technology to the expert level and they share all the knowledge they have got through the career. The difficulties they have overcome in their career, how they grew to this level in their career, knowledge updating, transformation based on the requirements industry has, expectations the industry has on each and every person they hire, and lot many knowledge like this will be given as part of the SAP HANA training in Chennai. CTC training philosophy is to provide the students with more practical knowledge than the theory because practical provide more understand and gets into the mind to greater level which makes it easy for our students to get the knowledge to a great extent.

CTC training also has placement assistance program along with the best SAP HANA training in Chennai and we provide 100% placement assurance for the person who registers into placement assistance program in Chennai. Schedule a demo class with us to know more about the best SAP HANA training institute in Chennai.

SAP HANA Training Syllabus in Chennai

HANA Introduction

  • In-Memory Computing
  • Evolution of In-Memory computing at SAP
  • History of SAP HANA
  • HANA compare to BWA
  • In-Memory Basics
  • HANA Use cases


  • Hana Engine Overview
  • Different HANA Engine Types
  • Row Store
  • Column Store
  • Persistency Layer
  • Business Impact of new architecture
  • Backup & Recovery


  • Key Concepts in Data Modeling
  • Components of HANA data model & Views
  • Analytical Views
  • Attribute views
  • Calculation Views
  • Joins
  • Measures
  • Filters
  • Real Time Scenarios
  • HANA SQL Intro
  • Functions & Expressions
  • Procedures

Data Provisioning

  • Overview
  • Trigger Based Replication
  • ETL Based Replication
  • Log Based Replication
  • Intro to BODS 4
  • Basic Data service Connection types
  • Flat File upload in to HANA


  • Creating Users
  • Creating Roles
  • Privileges
  • User Administration


  • Connectivity options
  • Business Objects BI 4
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