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SAP FICO Training

SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) is the most important module and this is used to store all the financial data transactions. Balance sheets, Profit and loss reporting and other external reporting is done by SAP financial accounting. SAP FO module actually receives from all other modules through the integration. Thus all the accounting transactions are made available in real-time to financial accounting through automatic account determination and this is passed to controlling as well. General Ledger accounting, accounts payable, asset accounting, bank accounting, consolidation, travel management, special purpose ledger are the sub modules in SAP FI. SAP controlling is important for management decision making and is used mostly in internal reporting. The controlling activities like cost center accounting, product costing, profitability, profit center accounting are represented by Controlling. The various modules of SAP CO are profitability analysis, product cost controlling, internal orders, cost element accounting, and cost center accounting. Thus SAP FICO is divided into SAP FI and SAP CO to manage and store all the financial data and controlling the data. CTC training provides the best SAP FICO training in Chennai to bridge the technical gap the students are facing these days and to help them get the right career path along with this training. SAP FICO course in Chennai syllabus was framed to give the students the real-time experience and the actual job experience before getting into the job.

CTC training is to make students understand the real need of SAP FICO, how it is being used in different companies, what will be the work they will be doing and lot more like this including the SAP FICO training will be given and we have the best trainers from the industry to help you understand the SAP FICO. The trainer we have employed for grooming your technical knowledge have experience more than 10 years and have trained more than 200 members who have successfully placed in the top MNC companies. We aim in providing practical sessions as the knowledge we get will be made stronger only with the practical sessions and the exercises, assignments, syllabus are all framed to match the requirements of the IT industry. We conduct regular one-to- one session with the trainers to ensure you get a personal space to clarify your doubts and also conduct mock interviews to make you strong as well as confidence to face the real interview.

CTC training in Chennai helps with the placement assistance as well and we give 100% placement assurance to the students who have registered under the placement assistance program. We at the backend have people working to place our students in the top MNC companies. Join hands with us and make your dream true. Schedule demo class with us to know about CTC training, the best SAP FICO training institute in Chennai.

SAP FICO Training Syllabus in Chennai

General Ledger Accounting

  • General Ledger Master
  • General Ledger Postings
  • General Ledger Parking and postings
  • Reversals
  • Automatic Clearing
  • Recurring Entries
  • Taxes
  • General Ledger Reports

Cash and Bank Accounting

  • Cash Journals
  • Cheque Management
  • House bank Masters
  • Bank Reconciliations

Accounts Payable

  • Vendor Master
  • Vendor Invoice Posting
  • Vendor Credit Memo
  • Vendor Down Payment
  • Vendor Down Payment Clearing
  • Vendor Outgoing payment
  • Partial payment against an invoice
  • Residual Payment
  • Automatic Payment Run
  • Withholding Tax (TDS)
  • Vendor Reports

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer Master
  • Customer Invoice Posting
  • Customer Credit Memo
  • Customer Down Payment
  • Customer Down Payment Clearing
  • Customer Incoming Payment
  • Partial payment against an invoice
  • Residual Payment
  • Customer Reports

Asset Accounting

  • Asset Master
  • Asset Procurement (Direct)
  • Asset Procurement (through MM)
  • Asset Retirements
  • Asset Scrapping
  • Depreciation Run

SAP FI Consultant Level:

  • Define a Company
  • Define a Company Code
  • Assign Company Code to Company
  • Define Chart of Accounts
  • Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts
  • Setup Account Groups and their Number Ranges
  • Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code
  • Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code
  • Document Number Ranges for the Company Code
  • Assign Field Status Variant to Company Code
  • Define Employee Tolerance
  • Define Retained Earnings Account
  • Document types
  • Posting Keys
  • Validation and substitution
  • General Ledger Account Introduction
  • Reconciliation Accounts
  • Expense and Revenue GL Accounts
  • Account Assignment Model
  • Setup tolerance for customers and vendors
  • Customer Account Groups
  • Create number ranges for customer accounts
  • Assign number ranges to customer groups
  • Customer Master Record
  • Create Vendor Groups
  • Create number ranges for vendor accounts
  • Assign number ranges to vendor groups.
  • Create Vendor Master
  • Create underpayment account and Over payment accounts
  • Create cash discount account
  • Payment within tolerance (incoming)
  • Payment within tolerance (outgoing)
  • Configure Automatic Payment Program
  • Financial Statement Version
  • Cash Journals
  • House Bank Configuration
  • Check Management
  • Manual Bank Reconciliation
  • Asset Masters
  • Asset Number Ranges
  • Depreciation Areas
  • Asset General Ledger Account Determination
  • Depreciation Keys
  • NEW GL and Document Splitting concepts

SAP CO Training Syllabus

We provide end-user level and consultant level trainings in SAP CO module to equip you to the level you wish to attain. The following sub-modules are covered in SAP Finance Controlling:

Controlling Area

  • Maintain Controlling Area
  • Assignment of Controlling Area
  • Activate Components/Control Indicators
  • Number Range
  • Maintain Versions

Master Records

  • Cost Element
  • Cost Center
  • Profit Center

Cost Element

  • Primary Cost Elements (Manual)
  • Secondary Cost Elements (Manual)
  • Automatic Creation of Primary and Secondary Elements

Cost Center Accounting

  • Define Standard Hierarchy
  • Create Cost Center
  • Create Cost Center Group

Transaction – Based posting

  • Number assignment for CO documents
  • Account assignment logic
  • Automatic and default account assignment
  • Transaction-based posting in CO

Profit Center Accounting

  • Define Standard Hierarchy
  • Create Profit Center
  • Create Profit Center Group
  • Define Dummy Profit Center
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