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SAP BO Training

A front-end application which allows the users or customers to view, analyze, and sort the business intelligence data is called as SAP Business Objects BI or known as SAP BO. The key applications in SAP BO are Crystal Reports, Xcelsius/ dashboards, Explorer, and Web Intelligence. Crystal reports is to design as well as generate reports for the users. Xcelsius/dashboards are used to make interactive dashboards which will have charts, graph for data visualization. Explorer is to search the BI data sources and this uses iTunes-like interface to make this search easy. A queries free search for the data you require and the results are presented in the form of charts with the best information match. This was acquired by SAP AG on 2007. This extends the customers with consulting and education services that will help customers to deploy their business intelligence projects. Business intelligence is made possible with the SAP BO training in Chennai and learn Crystal Reports, Dashboards, Explorer, and Web Intelligence with this SAP BO training. CTC is the first-rated SAP BO training institute and the ultimate aim of this excellent training is to guide the students to reach the career path they dream about in this industry. SAP BO course in Chennai is a real-time training program started with the intention to coach the students to make them meet the demand in the IT industry. CTC training’s unique feature is the limited batch size to ensure that the training is interactive and the trainers can give individual attention to the students. Our trainers are from MNC companies with experienced more than 10 years in SAP and they share their entire experience as well as the knowledge to our students through this SAP BO training in Chennai. Knowledge you gain will be retained in your mind only when you try them out and thus we have regular practical sessions and the syllabus, practical session exercises, assignment are framed according to the expectations set in the IT industry as well as the actual job you will be doing after the training. Through this training, we make you strong and outstanding performers in the industry and give you the knowledge about various problems you may face and the solution to come out of those problems.

CTC training apart from Sap BO course in Chennai, also provides placement assistance program where we make sure our students registered under this course will get job opportunities to their steps. We have association with more than 500 MNC companies and core companies to make sure our students get 100% placement after their training. Everything will reach you if you reach CTC training, the best SAP BO training institute in Chennai. Schedule a demo class today for your brighter future.

SAP BO Training Syllabus in Chennai

Introduction to SAP

Introduction to Business Objects

  • New features in SAP BO BI 4.0.
  • Data Warehousing Architecture.
  • Business Objects Architecture.
  • SAP BO Data Modelling
  • SAP BO ER Modelling
  • SAP BO Dimensional Modelling
  • Dimensional Tables.
  • Fact Tables.
  • Different types of Dimension Tables
  • Conformed Dimension Tables
  • Junk Dimension Tables
  • De generative Dimension Table
  • Schema
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema
  • Galaxy Schema
  • Slowly Changing Dimensional Tables.
  • Fact Table.
  • Fact less Fact Table.
  • SAP BO Different Types of Facts or Measures
  • Bridge tables.
  • Lookup Tables.
  • Top Down Approach
  • SAP BO Bottom Up Approach
  • ODS
  • SAP BO Data Mart
  • Dependent Data mart.
  • SAP BO Independent Data Mart
  • Staging Area
  • Granularity
  • Normalization
  • De normalization
  • OLTP
  • OLAP
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