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SAP ABAP Training

Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) used for developing applications for SAP R/3 and this is business application subsystem widely-installed. This application specific fourth generation language was first developed by 1980s. The latest ABAP objects is an object oriented programming and the applications written with ABAP/4, the versions earlier to ABAP, and ABAP objects will be run by SAP. Single inheritance model, encapsulation, polymorphism, and persistence are being used in ABAP objects. Thus ABAP programming language is the one that runs in the runtime environment that is created and used by SAP for developing applications like reports, interfaces, forms, data conversions, module pool programming, and user exits. Creating dictionary objects, standard, and custom application software are developed using ABAP WorkBench. This was actually the report language in SAP R/2 and this was initially abbreviated to Allgemeiner BerichtsAufbereitungsProzessor which means to be generic report preparation processor. Are you looking for the best SAP ABAP training institute in Chennai? CTC training provides SAP ABAP course in Chennai to help students learn SAP ABAP quickly and without any hardship.

The SAP ABAP training in Chennai aims in providing the knowledge of an experienced professional and make everyone a best performer in the industry. We aim in making SAP ABAP technology a catwalk in all the forms and to reduce the gap between the IT industry company requirements and the student’s technical knowledge.

CTC training has the best SAP ABAP trainers from the industry to groom our students and provide them the knowledge they have acquired for the whole of their career. SAP ABAP trainers have an experience of about 10 years in the industry on SAP and they guide you through out the course to make the learning to the level of the industry. The knowledge each and every person have is not just enough to meet the expectations the MNC companies has on us and thus CTC through this best SAP ABAP training course in Chennai help you to groom yourself to meet the expectations to get the position you are striving for a long. Also CTC aims in providing practical knowledge to give you the look and feel of all that you learn and to get the grip on the technology. SAP ABAP course in Chennai has the best syllabus framed to meet the requirements of the industry and we have got it reviewed from the experts from the industry. Thus through this SAP ABAP training we make you get the experience not just the knowledge of the technology.

CTC training extends the support to students with the placement assistance and aims in making the job hunt easy for our students. CTC’s SAP ABAP training in Chennai with placement assistance brings you the chance to get the right career to your door steps. Schedule a demo class with us today to make your career path as you like.

SAP ABAP Training Syllabus in Chennai

ABAP Programming Basics

  • ABAP programming basics
  • Internal table concept and practical usage
  • Modularization techniques with include, subroutine, function module and macros
  • Real time Coding standards used in MNC

ABAP Standard tables and Dictionary Concepts

  • Tables
  • Structures
  • Views
  • Lock objects.

Reporting in ABAP

  • Classical Reports
  • Interactive Reports
  • ABAP List Viewer (ALV reports)
  • Reports using OOPS concept

Module pool Programming (Dialog Programming)

  • Screen designing
  • Introduction to Common buttons of module pool
  • Sub screen Area control design.
  • Tab-Strip Control
  • Table view control

Smart forms

  • Introduction to forms and designing of screens
  • Coding and complex scenarios in smart forms

Batch Data Communication

  • Direct Input
  • Call transaction method
  • Session method

Data Migration strategies

  • LSMW
  • Other technologies (Overview)


  • RFC
  • EDI (Overview)

Advanced Topics

  • BAPI,
  • BADI
  • Enhacements,

Additional topics

  • DEBUGGING, SLIN checks
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