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What is SAP? Why to learn SAP? How will my future change if I learn SAP? What is the growth in future for SAP? And you many have a lot of questions running in your mind for taking SAP as your training. CTC is here to give free counselling for students interested in taking SAP as their career path. From the college we learn not even 10% of the technologies we have in the industry and thus we fail to take the right step in our career. We all mostly end up in learning the same technology and fight for jobs instead if you learn a unique technology and start you career, you will feel it to be easy. Thus CTC training aims in providing exposure to the students to on the technologies that has more demand and train them to get the right career. One such initiative is SAP training in Chennai and we provide the SAP course in Chennai to help students get the career in SAP technology. CTC is an excellent SAP training institute in Chennai successfully trained more than 500 students with a successful career in SAP.

SAP is systems, applications, and products given for data processing and this is the fourth largest company in the world. As you’re a beginner of SAP learning, the basic understanding of a business is very important. For example, first your to understand the process of an invoice that is understand the use of invoices and how to process this overall order into a cash is the understanding you need to learn SAP. Thus with the SAP business program in reputed university is aboard it has ERP course has mandatory. ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning System is a software that allows business process management and the organization to manage the business and also to automate the back office functions related to human resources, services, and technologies through integrated applications system. SAP is Enterprise Resource Planning system developed by SAP AG and the aim of SAP is to provide an end-to- end solution for distributions, logistics, inventories, and financial. In the current world there are a large number of companies using SAP for their business activities. Functional module and Technical module are the two modules that are in SAP. Interested in knowing this product and want to start a career in this path? CTC training provides the best SAP course in Chennai and we are the first- rated SAP training institute in Chennai to help the students understand the importance of the career.

CTC provides training in various modules of SAP like SAP PM training, SAP ABAP training, SAP BI training, SAP SD training, SAP BO training, SAP Bais training, SAP MM training, SAP PM training, SAP FICO training, SAP PP training, SAP HANA training, and lot more training. We aim in providing students with the knowledge of a professional and make them an outstanding performer in the industry.

SAP ABAP Training

Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) used for developing applications for SAP R/3 and this is business application subsystem widely-installed.

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SAP BO Training

A front-end application which allows the users or customers to view, analyze, and sort the business intelligence data is called as SAP Business Objects BI or known as SAP BO.

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SAP FICO Training

SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) is the most important module and this is used to store all the financial data transactions.

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SAP HANA Training

An in-memory relational database management system which is column oriented is SAP HANA. This was designed and developed by SAP SE and HANA stands for high performance appliance.

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SAP MM Training

SAP Material management system is the one we shortly call as SAP MM. The business process called as module in SAP and this is a part of logistics that will help you manage the procurement activities.

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SAP PM Training

A function Module in SAP that has the capability to handle the maintenance of equipment, qualify for an efficient panning in the production, production schedule generation, process control interfaces, and lastly SCADA systems.

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SAP PP Training

Production planning is the process of arranging the demand in line with the manufacturing capacity for creating the production and procurement schedules to finish the product as well as component is SAP Production planning...

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SAP SD Training

The process to handle the orders out for delivery is managed by the SAP Sales and Distribution module of the SAP and this executes the processes for selling, shipping, and billing of the products.

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